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Adobe Loos & Worms has been trading for about 10 years. First starting as South East Worm Farms and renamed to Adobe Loos & Worms in 2003 as a result of a changing focus of the business.
We sell mainly Composting Toilets, Greywater Systems and associated equipment & products. The product brands represented are Nature Loo, Clivus Multrum, EcoLet & recently Sun Mar.
The business is operated from our home in Tathra with a product Display Area included.


We operate a number of independent businesses including the Compost Toilet business, a Website Design & Hosting Service, and some local Handyman work. As we want to travel more, after recent trips to WA and Broken Hill, we want to sell the Compost Toilet business as it is not conducive to extended travelling. The Website work can be easily maintained on the road with a laptop and the handyman work can easily be absorbed by other locals. Another reason is due to recent health problems which make it difficult to maintain the variety of activities.


Primarily the business is selling a range of Waterless Composting Toilets and associated equipment. Recently the provision of a Greywater System Design and supply service has been developing with the increased interest in saving, conserving and reusing water.

To get an idea of the products have a look through the website  and this will give you a good introduction to the products and the philosophy behind the business.

Adobe Loos & Worms are agents for Nature Loo, Clivus Multrum, EcoLet and SunMar ranges of waterless composting toilets. We can sell the products anywhere in Australia as long as we feel we can properly service the customer. The main sales region is in the NSW South East region and we have sold product to South Australia, Victoria and northern NSW. There are no specific agency areas.



Last year, 2003-2004, the business turned over about $35,000 and after expenses showed a profit of about $10,000. The average time per week put into this side of the business is about 10-15 hours.
One of the primary considerations to take into account when assessing a business run from home is that many of the costs of the business are costs that are already part of the normal running of the home that can now be considered a business expense. The same can be said of any travel and associated expenses, much of which can be absorbed into R&D (research & development).


bullet $14,000 in saleable stock, $1000 for a resource library, documentation & computer resources.


bullet All Display Stock for most of the range of products sold.
bullet Extensive computer based documentation that has been developed to support the business.
bullet Spreadsheets to support Greywater System design, and job quoting.
bullet Brochures and documentation to support products.
bullet Records of data on ALL customers and enquires for the past 6 years. This information can be used for future direct marketing efforts targeting existing and new products.
bullet Library of books and other documentation supporting Waterless Composting Toilets & Greywater System Design including various Aust. Standards for products.
bullet An existing website promoting the products
bullet Redesign of website to new owners specification (including on-line sales, E-commerce @ a small extra cost)
bullet 1-2 weeks full-time training period
bullet unlimited support by phone & e-mail


We have a strong desire to see our work in developing this environmentally friendly business carry on as we are philosophically committed to developing a more sustainable society.

We have just commenced regional advertising in the local paper and in the last 3 months have sold $21,000 in just Composting Toilets. We have not embarked in this sort of advertising before, and have just relied on the Yellow Pages and the website.

This business has a great future and this potential is supported by the recent sales figures.



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If you would like to contact us for further details or information please:
phone 02 6494 1051
mail to Adobe Loos & Worms,
PO Box 751, BEGA  NSW  2550

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